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Big Boy Bundle

Big Boy Cream  -140ml-
Big Boy Crunch  -140ml-
Big Boy Explosion  -140ml-

Get Big Boy's popular e-juicesinfo-icon all wrapped up as one big savings!

Big Explosion:  There's so much in here to taste!  Big Boy Vape Coinfo-icon packed an explosive cocktail of citrus and tropical fruit flavours into this delicious vape. Nectarines, oranges, sweet guava, and apricots blend together for a dreamy, all day vape flavour.

Big Crunch:  Big Boy Vape Coinfo-icon took a layer of golden graham cracker crumbs and crunchy cereals mixed it with lively berries and hit it with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a hint of fresh local spices.  With this cream rich vape the 140ml size won't be enough!

Big Cream:  Big Boy Vape Coinfo-icon. started with the world's best tasting Vanilla Bean, added fresh cream, toasted almonds and pecans, and then finished it off with caramelised sugar, adding a frosted touch of delight!  This fantastic dessert e-juice will soon become a favorite.

all are Max VG for sub-ohm vaping


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